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Before we set on the journey, let's relax a bit.
Settle in, bring your attention to your breath and just breathe for a few seconds.

Once upon a time there lived Star.

Star was big and very bright. Nobody knows how it appeared, it seems it's always been around. One day Star became so curious about living on our planet, that it decided to be born as a little

She chose the place and family she wanted to live with. She knew she was going to be born so small that she won't remember being Star.

For some reason it felt
really important for her to remember.

Before the journey could begin, she put the memories of who she really is in a special place. A place she knew she could find at any time anywhere. She hid it in Everywhere! She hid it in leaves and trees, rivers and sky, animals and other humans, past and future, smiles and frowns, tears and happiness, stories and letters. It would be so easy for her to remember now!

You could only open Everywhere with a magic key. She made the Key so tiny, that it would easily fit into her own just-born baby body. And the Key would always stay with her, right there to open Everywhere and help remember who she really is.

After a long time or no time at all she was a small girl.

She was so happy and curious to learn about the new world! She could breathe and hear, she could see and touch, what a miracle! She really liked sneezing, it felt so good to sneeze! So she just kept practicing for a while to become really good at it.

She was growing so fast! She learned how to crawl and walk, how to make weird sounds that very tall and big humans were making, how to smile and cry, how to feel happy and joyful. Whenever she looked into her heart she saw a little bright shining star. The star would tingle with warmth and tenderness in her chest when she was playing with her friends and when someone told her how much they loved her. It filled her with so much joy that she couldn't help but share this feeling with everyone. All she wanted to do was be happy and explore the world! Nothing could stop her!

Soon she started noticing that slightly taller humans were not as happy as smaller humans. She looked into their hearts and saw the Web. Every one of them was weaving a similar pale Web! It was sticky and entangled their hearts and minds, their bodies, eyes and mouths. They threw their Webs on places and people around them, dragging them along. The Web was dull and made of strands of anger, desire, sadness, doubt, fear and many other things she did not know about.

Why were they Weaving? The girl was curious, so she tried making her own Web. She started with a few strands of being sad and upset. It felt so odd, so painful and different. But everyone around her was weaving the Web, so she kept practicing at it too. With every strand the star in her chest became duller, with every strand she would forget just a tiny piece of joy.

After a long time or no time at all she was a tall human.

She forgot how to look into her heart. She became so good at Weaving that her whole body was entangled with sticky pale Web. She didn't even remember the Web was there, or that there was a little bright tingling star in her heart. She forgot all about it. Something didn't feel right for a long-long time. She hasn't seen a miracle in years and hardly believed in them anymore.

There was something important she needed to remember, shew just knew it! Something that could change her world. She would peek for just a moment at what she had to remember, sometimes during a vacation or on a fun trip, having dinner with friends or being outside after a long sickness, smiling at a stranger or making her friends laugh. She felt warm tender spark in her heart and immediately forget again.

After a long time or no time at all she found herself reading a story.
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